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is on the panel of these insurance companies for the supply of replacement jewelery, watches, silverware and diamonds.

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About Us

Rare quality and true craftsmanship

Our journey began over 35 years ago with a couple of humble apprentices that started their careers as diamond polishers in 1974. They paid their school fees and learned the ropes of the business in London where they were responsible for the production of over 7000 carats per month.

In 1989 our apprentices became diamond prospectors, purchasing rough diamonds throughout Africa. Their journey then led them to the Northwest Province and Johannesburg where they now manage the factories, mining operations and rough tender house that is known as Jewelring.

It goes without saying then, that diamonds have become a big part of who Jewelring is and what we as a company stand for. The experience and track record weíve cultivated over the years is something money canít buy.

To us our business is more than just being passionate about diamonds - itís a passion for excellence, a passion for perfection and a passion for people and their loved ones.

Our aim is to provide you with:

  1. The perfect match
  2. Personal attention
  3. Supreme expertise
  4. Superior, certified diamonds
  5. A large variety of shapes and designs
  6. Carats ranging from 0.01 to 5
International Diamond Laboratories Gemological Institute of America European Gemological Laboratory and College of Gemology Finance Available

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