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Square Figaro

Width: 3.3 mm
Available in: 19cm (3.2g)21cm (3.5g), 45cm (7.1g), 50cm (8.3g), 55cm (8.8g), 60cm (9.7g)

Width: 3.9 mm
Available in: 21cm (4.8g), 45cm (9.4g), 50cm (10.2g), 55cm (11.4g), 60cm (12.5g)

Width: 5.1 mm
Available in: 21cm (8g), 50cm (18.4g), 55cm (20.2g), 60cm (22.1g)

Width: 6.3 mm
Available in: 21cm (13g) ,23cm (14.2g), 55cm (35.1g), 60cm (38.2g), 65cm (39.3g)

International Diamond Laboratories Gemological Institute of America European Gemological Laboratory and College of Gemology Finance Available

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